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visio.lign veneering system – esthetics in light and design

The visio.lign product line is a new veneering system which
contains multi-layer veneers of lifelike / anatomical teeth,
corresponding individualization and add-on materials and
a bonding (oder: composite) system with matched shades.

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visio.lign veneering system
Fig. 1: visio.lign

  • Color stable and resistant thanks to industrially manufactured veneers
  • Esthetic appearance thanks to anatomical shape and layering design
  • Reproducible thanks to the use of identical moulds from the planning to the completion stage
  • Resistant to abrasion and plaque
  • More reliability and quality
  • Time-saving and profitable

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novo.lign A
Fig. 1: novo.lign A
Multi-layer veneers made of highly abrasion-resistant PMMP available in anatomical anterior designs. Available in VITA classic shades. Form and layering identical with those of natural teeth.
Distinctive features and characteristics add natural vividness to the veneer. Abrasion surfaces were retained just like individual asymmetries and surface structure of natural teeth.

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Fig. 1:
PMMA and composite primer for bonding:

  • Acrylic teeth and veneers made from PMMA
  • Acrylic teeth and veneers made from composites
  • Priming / preparation of the inhibition layer of polymerized composites (diacrylates)
  • Priming frameworks, denture bases and crown and bridge materials
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Fig. 1: combo.lign
For reliable bonding of veneers to the framework material:

  • Dual hardening; light-curing and self-curing
  • Measurement value: hardened layer of 6 mm incl. the veneer
  • Shade reliability thanks to dentine-colored composite in the VITA classic system
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Fig. 1: crea.lign
Individualization composites for characterizing and adding-up the novo.lign veneers. Materials for enamel, dentine and gingiva shades.

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Fig. 1: Transparent silicone for keys
visio.sil is a transparent, addition-cured silicone for the fabrication of translucent keys for the use and processing of light-curing materials.

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