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BioHPP - the new class of materials in prosthetics

Interview in german language with Ingo Herbener about BioHPP/for 2 press at the IDS 2013 from March 12th to 16th 2013 in Cologne. à Cologne du 12 au 16 mars 2013.

BioHPP is flexible and elastic like bone.
Unlike framework materials used so far, BioHPP features elasticity adapted to the bone. Ceramic and NPM are about 20 times, gold and titanium about 10 times more rigid than bone material. This similarity with bone offers particular advantages especially for large-span substructures.

But what is BioHPP?

BioHPP stands for High Performance Polymer

    Material properties
  • Medical device class II a
  • white color
    ⇒ suitable for fully anatomical use
  • can be veneered with conventional
    veneering composites (e.g. visio.lign)
    ⇒ high esthetic appearance and individualization
  • no brasive effect on the remaining teeth
    ⇒ enamel of opposing teeth is protected
  • metal-free
    ⇒ no ion exchange in the mouth, no discoloration
  • partially crystalline thermoplastic resin reinforced with ceramic particles to withstand extreme stress
    ⇒ material is suitable as a substructure material
  • has been used as implant material in human medicine for more 20 years
    ⇒ long-term experience is ensured