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thermopress system
More quality of life with metal-free restorations

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The injection moulding technique or the proper term of injection moulding describes a procedure in which a heated high-performance plastic (resin) material is injected into a hollow mould under very high pressure. Previously this technique could only be employed in combination with very large industrial machines. In 1958 the first attempt was made to use the industrial injection moulding technique for the fabrication of dentures.

Consequent and continuous development permitted to launch a very powerful injection moulding machine into the market. bredent succeeded in developing an injection moulding system for dental laboratories, which can be operated without any external pressure source.

The thermopress 400 injection moulding system allows careful processing of biocompatible materials to obtain high-quality, metal-free restorations. As a result, unesthetic metal retention elements (attachments) do no longer need to be integrated into the restorations.

New control modules in the unit allow the use of the thermopress investment ring system – a system that enables dental technicians to invest crowns and bridges in the familar way and to fabricate crowns and bridges in the thermopress 400 injection molding units in a simple and fast manner.