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5 motions system
Unrestricted Flexibility in all Dimensions

Clearly constructed copy milling unit for a quick and simple manufacturing of zircon frameworks.
  • Enhancement of the product spectrum in the lab
  • Quick and simple framework design with innovative high performance framework material
  • Independence in the individual lab
  • Low costs ease the decision
  • Efficient added value in the individual lab
  • Established work technology, thus a low level of effort required for training/schooling
  • Coordinated system components make daily work easier
  • Cross-system products in the bredent program
The milling unit impresses with the simplicity of its operational guidance and quick learnability. A high rate of precision ensures the finest of details as well as a dimensional mobility when milling. 5 Axles build the success factor for indicatory independence and thus, a crucial aspect for an excellent fit.