More quality of life with metal-free restorations

The ever increasing number of chemicals, additives in food and toxic substances in our environment form a growing burden to humans. The expansion of radio network systems (cellularphone network) creates more powerful, high-frequency electromagnetic fields, ...

WellBeing - Training for Tongue and Mouth

Misaligned teeth and jaw malrelationship are often caused by an improper tongue position, pathologic mouth breathing and bad habits, such as thumb sucking. But you and your child can actively do something about that.

SilentNight - Your dentist helps

In 50 % of all bedrooms the restorative sleep is disturbed by extreme snoring. Sound levels up to 90 decibel are reached.
Your dentist can help!

More Quality of Life - back to healthy sleeping

Only few patients know that your dentist is a competent contact when it comes to solving snoring problems.