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Date: 02.06.2014 15:04

Bionic – Surpassed by nature only | BioHPP - “The material evolution”

BioHPP is the new material class in prosthetics. Based on PEEK (polyetheretherketone), BioHPP is a ceramic-reinforced high performance polymer and therefore the most torsion-resistant alternative to rigid framework materials. BioHPP is as elastic as bone with a natural appearance and function and is now available in three different shades.

BioHPP is a material developed for the needs of prosthetics whose precursor has been used successfully in medicine for over 30 years and has proven both its biocompatibility and mechanical properties. These high performance polymers exhibit high long-term stability, low water absorption and further advantages.

Versatile – Wide indication spectrum
Unrivalled – The near-natural shock absorption avoids chipping
Convincing – Patients are won over by the natural bite and feeling in the mouth

The different shades and physiological elasticity ‒ “off-peak” property ‒ in the bone region makes BioHPP a particularly good framework material for small and large high-quality restorations. The excellent solidity and the perfect polishing for low plaque affinity are convincing characteristics.

bredent offers three processing options:

  • BioHPP as a milling blank with a special cutter for fabricating restorations using standard CAD/CAM techniques
  • Processing of BioHPP in the press process using the for2press system, a specially developed vacuum press unit for individually modelled abutments and frameworks
  • Prefabricated & individually ground abutments.

A wide range of visio.lign prefabricated or individual veneering material is available for veneering BioHPP, which bond with BioHPP using a special primer offering top shear parameters and the benefits of elasticity.

Another highly interesting indication is fabrication of individual abutments with the press-on technique using the for2press system. Here the abutment is individually modelled on the elegance titanium base and is then pressed on. The result is an homogenous bond between titanium and BioHPP, which is absolutely free of gaps and has the best possible mechanical properties. Thanks to the “off-peak property (shock absorption) the load transfer to the implant is cushioned. So the abutment is also suitable for immediate loading. The white colour ensures that no dark shadows show through the gingiva. This means that opaquers are no longer necessary. The elegance abutments for various implant systems can be directly veneered with visio.lign or also fitted with crowns and bridges made of ceramic and metal.

From individual abutment through to telescopic prosthetics: Together with the innovative material BioHPP and its various shades, new possibilities arise for providing the patient with fixed or removable high quality prosthetic restorations on implants or natural teeth.

The bredent group is an internationally operating, family-run company.

The bredent group develops optimally matched individual products and system solutions, for example in the implant prosthetic sector, and therapeutic concepts "Made in Germany" as well as manufacturing them. These enable dentists and dental technicians to fabricate and receive high quality and economical periodontal-hygienic and aesthetic prosthetics.

The ambition of the bredent group is to be among the best. This is why the employees are always committed to top performance for your customers and their patients with the necessary flexibility and openness.

With its competence and innovative power, the bredent group is a leading example on the dental market.

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