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Date: 02.06.2014 14:15

Unbeatable – The best of three worlds with the visio.lign veneering system

The visio.lign veneering system is based on industrially produced multi-layer veneer shells modelled on natural teeth. A shade-matched veneering system, along with the appropriate individualisation and complementary materials, produce a perfect combination of individual and efficient veneering technique:

Bonding assurance – Chemical bonding to all framework materials incl. BioHPP
Shock absorption – Reduction in peak chewing loads by up to 50%
Stability – durable, shade-stable and extremely resilient prosthetic restorations

Long-term restoration
With abrasion values comparable with natural teeth, visio.lign offers a soft biting surface and reduces the peak chewing load by up to 50% – especially advantageous with implant-supported dentures.

Predictable & reproducible
The aesthetic try-in with the novo.lign veneer shells shows the patient the result in advance. A perfect framework design is easy to realise from the final aesthetic-functional set-up obtained using a silicon key. The highly stable novo.lign veneering shells can be used on all framework materials used in restorative dentistry; they are bonded using the combo.lign luting composite and individualised with crea.lign veneer material. The primers in the visio.lign system ensure chemical bonding with all framework materials used in restorative dentistry. visio.lign is especially recommended for frameworks made of BioHPP.

The identically shaded and shaped neo.lign denture teeth round off the visio.lign range for all indications in restorative dentistry.

bredent offers three processing options:

  • Industrially prefabricated: novo.lign veneer shell / novo.lign denture tooth
  • Individual: crea.lign gel and paste for free-form layering
  • HIPC blank

The bredent group is an internationally operating, family-run company.

The bredent group develops optimally matched individual products and system solutions, for example in the implant prosthetic sector, and therapeutic concepts "Made in Germany" as well as manufacturing them. These enable dentists and dental technicians to fabricate and receive high quality and economical periodontal-hygienic and aesthetic prosthetics.

The ambition of the bredent group is to be among the best. This is why the employees are always committed to top performance for your customers and their patients with the necessary flexibility and openness.

With its competence and innovative power, the bredent group is a leading example on the dental market.

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