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Date: 07.03.2014 09:53

The first international system consultant training programme 2014- seven countries, four continents

Implant prosthetics is the field of the future and is set to become even more complex and
multifaceted due to a large variety of materials and technologies at our disposal. Which
requirements will best suit which new material or technology? When is a new concept best
introduced? To continue providing customers with competent and qualified support, both now
and in the future, and to maintain its position as one of the best in the market, the bredent
group has decided to train its own system consultants. The first successful international
system consultant training programme took place in January.

Dental technicians and dental specialists from seven different countries underwent three-weeks of intensive training at bredent's headquarters in Senden. The training covered a variety of technical dental disciplines with the main focus on “implant prosthetics” and “modern and pioneering thermoplastic materials”.

As passion drives performance and know-how, the training programme's participants were carefully selected and prepped accordingly by bredent's country representatives in the run-up to the event. Each participant already had a background in the industry and some even had numerous years of experience as a consultant and lecturer in Canada, India, Romania, Ukraine, England, Spain and Hungary.

Exemplary commitment

During the training, the specialists had to pass several performance-based assessments. These focussed on producing high-quality deliverables to tight deadlines over an extended period of time. These tests were important as the international consultants must always be capable of carrying out flawless technical dental procedures, whilst remaining focussed and personable- even when faced with jet-lag and less-than perfect working conditions. The three weeks demanded a significant amount of discipline and eagerness to perform. Without exception, every participant demonstrated exemplary and professional commitment. Each member produced multiple, realistic and, in some cases, very complex restorations which were judged by a panel of experts. The panel consisted of consultants from master schools and experienced master dental technicians from bredent. In turn, the bredent team ensured that the event ran seamlessly over the entire period. The evening activities and the events offered on Sundays (when the participants had their free-time) provided exceptional entertainment for all involved.

Continuity builds experts

And so the training cycle continues; the newly-trained international system consultants are now
integrated into a continuous sales-focussed training programme. With the help of the selected
consultants and their ongoing training, bredent is able establish important cross-border bases. These bases are staffed long-term therefore with well-trained, experienced training managers- a concept that is future-orientated.

The bredent group is an internationally operating, family-run company.

The bredent group develops perfectly matched individual products as well as system solutions, for example in the field of implant prosthetics, and therapeutic concepts "Made in Germany" and manufactures them to enable dentists and dental technicians to fabricate and receive high-quality, favorably-priced esthetic dental restorations which ensure periodontal hygiene.

It is the claim of the bredent group to be among the best. That is why the male and female employees are always willing to provide top-quality service for our customers and their patients with the necessary flexibility and openness.

Thanks to their competence and innovative capacity, the bredent group is a role model in the dental

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