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Date: 10.11.2014 08:05

Polyan IC – a total prosthetic base material for dental plastic injection moulding technology

bredent will present bundled plastic competency at the IDS 2013 and also accept a multi-functional total prosthetic material in the programme with Polyan IC. Salient features: The processing of PMMA plastics in combination with the thermopress 400 injection moulding device will be reproducible in absolute terms. It guarantees the production of dentures of identical quality at maximum possible precision of a bio-compatible material having a residual monomer content < 1%.

Thanks to the highly interconnected, smooth surface and a high-gloss polish, Polyan IC achieves a very high surface quality, which impresses most of all patients with partial as well as total dentures and bite splint. Deposition of concretions and undesirable discolourations are impossible by and large.
If a slight staining does take place in extreme cases, it can be removed with hot water. Even the
nuisance of odours caused by the penetration of saliva and the disintegration process are a thing of the past due to the safe and high-value processing method of the Polyan IC.
In addition to its high break- and bending resistance, Polyan IC distinguishes itself by its long-term colour stability and the absence of undesirable DBPO irritants which, in most cases, are responsible for the onset of mucosa irritation. Individual adjustment to the colour of the patient's gingiva is possible with the five different colourings. The range of the "red aesthetics" too can therefore be shaped flexibly.

Polyan IC is a thermoplastic prosthetic plastic which is also ideal for the splinting technique (function therapy). If necessary, this thermoplastic can be relined, repaired or individualized with most of the customary chemoplasts (powder liquid systems). Even the cold polymerizate uni.lign speed freshly developed by bredent mixes perfectly with Polyan IC. The special adhesive agent IC was developed by bredent to guarantee safe chemical adhesive bonding between artificial tooth and Polyan. It delivers optimum bonding strength.

The high-performance plastic Polyan IC in granular form can be packaged in cartridges or as finished granules with the associated empty cartridges for self-filling. This presentation form makes processing with health-endangering monomers redundant

Polyan IC advantages at a glance:

  •  Bio-compatible
  •  Best fitting precision with top class suction effect
  •  Absolute colour stability for years
  •  Highly cross-linked, smooth surface
  •  High break- and bending resistance
  •  Easy, safe + homogeneous material processing
  •  DBPO-free, no mucosa irritations
  •  Residual monomer content < 1%
  •  Fast surface cleaning
  •  5 different plastic colours, of which one is a transparent version (individual adjustment   to each gingiva type is possible)
  •  Can be extended with chemoplasts as option

The bredent group is an internationally-active, family-run company.

It develops and produces optimally coordinated stand-alone products, system solutions (e.g. in implant prosthetics) and "Made in Germany" treatment concepts. These enable dentists and dental technicians to produce and maintain high-quality, cost-effective aesthetic restorations that ensure periodontal hygiene.

The bredent group strives to be amongst the best. That is why the employees are always ready to deliver excellence for our clients and their patients, with the necessary flexibility and openness.

With its expertise and innovative drive, the bredent group is the paradigm for the dental market.

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