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Date: 19.04.2013 14:26

BioHPP – A new material class in dental prosthetic

High-performance polymers belong to the future – in dentistry too. You therefore increasingly find
perfect dental implant prosthetic solutions through new, innovative materials and technologies. With its competency in plastics, bredent will display concepts around BioHPP at the IDS 2013.

BioHPP is a material developed to meet the requirements of dental prosthetics, whose predecessors are being used successfully in human medicine for more than 30 years as spinal intermediate bodies, knuckle joints and hip joint prosthetics, so that their bio-compatibility and mechanical properties are already tried and tested. These high-performance polymers have high long-term stability and low water retention.

Thanks to the white colour "White Shade“ and its physiological elasticity in the area of bones, BioHPP is particularly good as framework material for small and big high-value fittings. The remarkable strength, the optimum polish and the low affinity to plaque formation are very impressive.

bredent offers two different options of processing:

  • BioHPP as milling blank with special cutter for the manufacture of prosthetic fittings in the common CAD/CAM processes.
  • Processing of BioHPP by means of a pressing procedure, through the for 2 press system, a specially developed vacuum pressing device.
The wide visio.lign range of pre-fabricated or customized veneering materials are available for the veneering of BioHPP, which is bonded to the BioHPP with the help of a special primer having the highest possible shear resistance.

Another very interesting indication is the manufacture of individual abutments with the help of the overpressing technology in the for 2 press system. Here, the abutment is modelled and finally overpressed individually according to the shape of the tooth on the SKY elegance Titanium base. A homogeneous bonding takes place between the Titanium base and BioHPP, which is absolutely free of gaps and has the best possible mechanical properties.
The "Off-Peak" property (shock absorption) cushions the load transfer to the implant. The abutment is also suitable for immediate loading. The white colour ensures that no dark shadows show through the gingiva. Opaques are therefore not required any more. The SKY elegance abutments can be veneered directly with visio.lign, or provided with ceramic or metal crowns and bridges.

In short, the innovative material BioHPP offers new possibilities of fitting patients with fixed and
removable high-value dental prosthetics on implants or natural teeth – from individual abutments to telescoping prosthetics.

The bredent group is an internationally-active, family-run company.

It develops and produces optimally coordinated stand-alone products, system solutions (e.g. in implant prosthetics) and "Made in Germany" treatment concepts. These enable dentists and dental technicians to produce and maintain high-quality, cost-effective aesthetic restorations that ensure periodontal hygiene.

The bredent group strives to be amongst the best. That is why the employees are always ready to deliver excellence for our clients and their patients, with the necessary flexibility and openness.

With its expertise and innovative drive, the bredent group is the paradigm for the dental market.