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Date: 17.04.2013 17:16

CAELO digital solutions – for uninterrupted digital work flow

In a consistent extension of the digital product portfolio, bredent offers an extensive product range consisting of hardware and software components to close the existing gaps in the digital work flow. In the area of software, bredent offers innovative solutions of the future for the digital designing of dentures.

Communication between the dentist, practice/dental laboratory and milling centre is becoming increasingly important and the data volume that needs to be passed on is ever increasing. With the CAELO e.order, bredent offers a professional platform which enables this communication, data exchange and style conversion, and satisfies all legal data-protection pre-requisites. e.order is an extraordinary communication-, monitoring- and networking software with an extensive service scope and Cloud storage options – a software which increases mobility and flexibility.

In e.cad – currently in a development stage – a modular CAD software, the scope of a function can be adjusted individually to user requirements. The development of e.implant, a CAD tool is consistent as a modular software component for the design of individual abutments in just a few steps.

The also under development located new open e.scan stl-Scanner contains an integrated PC and it is designed as compact, economical and practical. The corresponding interface with e.order already exists.

As a meaningful and essential addition to the full digital work flow, bredent also offers the appropriate breCAM consumables (wax/PMMA/high-performance polymers) as standard 98 mm round blanks in different strengths for open CAM systems.

The new material innovation BioHPP must be mentioned here as milling round blank
breCAM.BioHPP or as granules for the 2 press system. BioHPP is a high-performance polymer for permanently fixed or removable dentures.

In the area of high-quality plastics for cutting, bredent offers breCAM.resin or a range of PMMA
thermoplastic in different tooth colours that are especially suitable for long-term dental prosthetics.

New materials also bring new challenges for processing. bredent has therefore developed its patented milling machine breCAM.cutter for wet and dry processing, for sensitive cutting of wax, thermoplastics and high-performance polymers.

In summary, it can be said that bredent offers a coherent and complete concept of an inter-dependent digital production chain containing coordinated and optimised hardware and software components, consumables and tools.

The bredent group is an internationally-active, family-run company.

It develops and produces optimally coordinated stand-alone products, system solutions (e.g. in implant prosthetics) and "Made in Germany" treatment concepts. These enable dentists and dental technicians to produce and maintain high-quality, cost-effective aesthetic restorations that ensure periodontal hygiene.

The bredent group strives to be amongst the best. That is why the employees are always ready to deliver excellence for our clients and their patients, with the necessary flexibility and openness.

With its expertise and innovative drive, the bredent group is the paradigm for the dental market.
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